SAL Group of Colleges (SAL) was founded in 1982. Since its inception, SAL has maintained a strong commitment to the ideals of educational freedom exercised in an academic and intellectual environment. It is this commitment to excellence that forms the very basis of SAL’s success story. Today, SAL stands tall in Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malacca and Penang, one of the fastest growing advanced learning centres in Malaysia.

AL’s strength stems from her dedication to providing the finest possible career opportunities and preparations for today’s students. This has led to the development of academic programmes combining outstanding teaching, modern classroom facilities and working experience through the college’s entrepreneur education programme. Enthusiasm and commitment to teaching are undeniable characters of SAL’s teaching staff. Their qualifications coupled with experience in their respective fields kept SAL’s team of lecturers well informed and up-to-date.

To face the challenges of the next millennium towards the year 2020, SAL has expanded its capabilities to offer a broad base of programmes and unique approaches to meet the needs of both industries and individuals. Throughout its growth, SAL has held a single strategic focus; to meet the demand for training and the transfer of knowledge in sophisticated information technologies. By establishing close linkages and co-operations between local and foreign universities and educational institutions, SAL has emerged as the pioneering institution to break the traditional barrier by being constructively innovative in the educational systems of Malaysia.SAL’s aim is to provide all-round quality education affordable to all.