Programme  :  Bachelor of Computer Science 

SAL Group has given of Colleges. Indeed, the Department of Computer Science is actively involved in the research work in the various fields of computer science. Currently, SAL College is running their Diploma and their Certificate program.

This program covers greater details and the degree awarded is called Bachelor of Computer Science. The students will be trained in the area of software programming, system analysis, computer networking and other important subjects. The program takes three years to complete. Its intake comes from the school leavers with Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (equivalent to the A-level Certificate in United Kingdom), the graduates of Diploma in Computer Science of UPM and other institutions, and matriculation graduates.

This program also emphasizes on the importance of restoring data and retrieving data, designing and the using of language to write a program, and interpreting those languages for the means of basic calculation. Computer Science has its own specialization and utilization, which includes graphic, simulation, robot, computer networking and multimedia. Bachelor of Computer Science is designed to provide the students with basic concepts of process management, basic concepts of storage management and basic concepts of distributed system management. 

In this program, students will be introduced to basic programming, data structure and computer architecture in the first three semesters. The students will be taught on advanced courses and electives in majoring courses in the next three semesters.

Indeed, computer is a very important tools in order to restore and to manage all information and to analyst them. Therefore, computer application is very crucial in this modern day in all fields. Consequently, job market is open wide for Computer Science graduates as we are now heading towards the world of Cyber and Space and this same situation will be expected in the years to come.


The lecturers are very dedicated and they must possess the qualification which is suitable to the needs of the teachings of Universiti Putra Malaysia. For this bachelor program, the minimum qualification is the Master degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. 

The Quality of The Program

The faculty of Computer Science of Universiti Putra Malaysia will ensure the quality of the program and they involve in : 

    • the marking of examination papers 
    • the preparation of examination questions 
    • a visit to SAL College at least twice in one semester


Admission Requirement 

Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia with credit in Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics

Credit in Additional Mathematics in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Students must follow the below requirements if they sit for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia :
Pass at least 1P and 2S and pass in General Paper At least 2P and pass in General Paper or Grade R in Mathematics 

Students can also apply for this course even though they do not sit for Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia but they must have the following requirement :

    • Diploma in any courses which are relevant to Universiti Putra Malaysia or other validated institutions. Universiti Putra Malaysia will certify the list of new intake students.




  Programme     Bachelor of Science
 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

The Bachelor Science (Computer Science) reflects an integrated approach to computer-based information systems, combining the more traditional aspects of computer science with modern information technology and methodology.

Graduates will possess the necessary expertise to take up positions in government industry or business requiring a knowledge of computer science and its application to information processing.

The Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) course has received Level 1 accreditation with the Australian Computer Society. Graduates of this course will automatically be able to seek membership of the Australian Computer Society as full members.

Subject Studied: 

  • Programming Principles Using Ada 
  • Computer Technology 
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computing 
  • Systems Analysis 
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A or Bahasa Kebangsaan B 
  • Data Structures with Ada 
  • Microprocessors 
  • Visual Programming 
  • Computer Science Methods 
  • Systems and Database Design 
  • Advanced Programming 
  • UNIX and C 
  • Internet and Java 
  • Intelligent Systems 
  • Applications Development 
  • Operating Systems 
  • Computer Security 
  • Computer Science Project 1 
  • Data Communications and Computer Networks 
  • Object Oriented Programming Using C++ 
  • Education in Islamic Religion 
  • Computer Science Project 2 
  • Programming Languages and Paradigms 
  • Small Business Computer Systems 
  • Malaysian Studies


Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

The Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) reflects the modern ‘engineering’ approach to developing software in today’s Information Technology (IT) industry. Students will develop an understanding of the software development life-cycle, be capable practitioners of systems analysis, design, implementation and testing, and be skilled in programming.

Graduates will be equipped to take up positions in almost any area of the IT industry. It is anticipated the course will be accredited at the highest level with the Australian Computer Society which allows graduates to apply for ACS membership.

Subject Studied: 

  • Programming Principles Using Ada 
  • Computer Technology 
  • Systems Analysis 
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computing 
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A or Bahasa Kebangsaan B 
  • Data Structures With Ada 
  • Visual Programming 
  • Computer Science Methods 
  • Systems and Database Design 
  • Introduction to Software Engineering 
  • Unix and C 
  • Internet and Java Programming 
  • Intelligent Systems 
  • Applications Development 
  • Operating Systems 
  • Computer Security 
  • Software Engineering 1 
  • Data Communication and Computer Networks 
  • Object Oriented Programming with C++ 
  • Islamic Civilization (in BM) 
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design 
  • Programming Languages and Paradigms 
  • Small Business Computer Systems 
  • Malaysian Studies (in BM) 
  • Software Engineering 2




  Programme   Bachelor of Jurisprudence (external)

A legal education is inevitably significant for those who want to pursue their career in the field of law. Therefore the Bachelor of Jurisprudence is indeed a stepping stone towards achieving their ambition. The choices they make at undergraduate level will determine the professional routes open to them in the future. They need to ensure that they have made the correct decision and SAL College will ensure that they will not regret it when they join us.

Entry Requirement 

This degree program is designed for external students who hold Malaysian citizenship or are permanent residents of Malaysia.


Minimum Entry Requirements

Candidates must pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia with five credits including Bahasa Melayu and English
In addition to requirement (1) candidates must attain two principals in Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia or equivalent
And candidates must pass their A-level or any diploma or matriculation or candidates who have five years experience in relevant fields.

Course StructureStudents are provided with a complete set of notes at the start of each module. Self assessment exercises allow students to review their learning.

Universiti Malaya and SAL Group of Colleges will make your dreams come true. We offer, without exception, opportunities to achieve excellent performance through:

  • Experienced and qualified lecturers 
  • Affordable fees payable in installments 
  • Individual attention to suit each student’s needs
  • Reasonably sized classes
  • Lectures complemented with tutorials
  • Library facilities
  • Progress test and mock exams designed to promote self-confidence and understanding of the various exam techniques.


Teaching and Learning Strategy 
Examination One
  • Malaysian Legal System
  • Law of Tort
  • Constitutional Law
  • Islamic Law
  • Law of Contract

Examination Two

  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Land Law
  • Equity, Trust and Succession
  • 1 optional subject from Part A

Examination Three

  • Jurisprudence and theory of Law
  • Company Law

3 optional subjects from Part A which is not taken in Year 2


  • Islamic Law II
  • Family Law
  • Public International Law
  • Conflicts of Law
  • Civil Liberty
  • Commercial Law
  • Labour Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Banking and Matters of Trade
  • Comparative Law
  • Property and Trustees
  • Landlord and Tenant

And many other courses available at SAL Group of Colleges, please feel free to contact us.