……Elysia and her parents Mr and Mrs Yeo could hardly contain their joy as Elysia was awarded a scholarship worth RM110,000.

MICHAEL H.C. Yeo and his wife Alice Lim could hardly contain their excitement and joy as they watched their daughter, Elysia, accept her RM110,000 scholarship from the University of East London (UEL) earlier this week.

They have every reason to be happy as this is the second time Elysia has received a scholarship under The Star Education Fund.

The first scholarship she received was to pursue a Diploma in Information Technology at SAL College in 1997, after completing her SPM. This time around, she won a scholarship to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from UEL, one of the 300 awards offered under The Star Education Fund ’99.

“I am really very happy and grateful to The Star for giving my daughter this scholarship.

“She (Elysia) will be leaving (for London) soon and my wife and I have taken a month’s leave to accompany her and also for a holiday as we have never been to Britain before,” said Yeo, who works at a legal firm in Malacca.

For Elysia, it was almost too good to believe – getting a scholarship for the second time.

“I completed my diploma programme at SAL and was into my first semester at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (for Information Technology) when I applied for the UEL scholarship.

“I applied because I really wanted to do a degree in IT and going to UEL will, I am sure, give a lot of exposure. I am really happy as I would not have been able to afford it otherwise,” said Elysia who will turn 22 on Oct 3.

Like the Yeos, there were many happy faces at the scholarship presentation ceremony at Eastin Hotel last week.

Towering above almost everyone present at the ceremony was national high jumper Shobana Khanum Jalaldin, 18, who won herself a full tuition waiver to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sports