SAL Group of Colleges has achieved dynamic growth in the field of education in Malaysia over the past twenty years. From its humble beginnings at Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru, way back in 1982, SAL has now come of age and it is one of the fastest growing private college in Malaysia. SAL is the first private higher educational in the state of Johor. In 1987, SAL spread her wings north to Kuala Lumpur. The colleges is located in the central of Kuala Lumpur. Students at SAL, therefore have a choice of where they want to study and can choose to transfer from Johor Bharu to Kuala Lumpur or vice versa, without affecting their programme schedule. Undeniably, SAL has contributed a lot to the development and advancement of education, not only in Johor but, also, in Malaysia.

Over the past twelve years, SAL Group of Colleges has stamped its mark especially in the field of education in Malaysia. It is now a premier institution of higher learning that makes affordability and provision of quality and well-rounded education to all Malaysians its hallmark. This is indeed the conviction and founding philosophy of the SAL Group of Colleges.

Growing from strength to strength, SAL has consistently strived to keep up with the rapidly expanding frontiers of knowledge in the world of education, particularly Information Technology. This vision and commitment have enabled SAL to lead the way in a number of innovative and pioneering programmes over the years.

SAL is the first institution in Malaysia to introduce the unique and much-lauded Entrepreneurship Education programme whereby students obtain practical training as part of their programme. It is also the first institution in Malaysia to introduce the subject, Management 2020, as an integral part of the Prime Minister’s vision of a highly industrialized and developed Malaysia by the year 2020.

To face the challenges of the new millennium, SAL has expanded its capabilities to offer a broad base of programmes and unique approaches to meet the needs of both industries and individuals. Throughout its growth, SAL has held a single strategic focus: to meet the demand for training and transfer of knowledge in sophisticated information technologies. By establishing close linkages and co-operation with local and foreign universities and educational institutions, SAL has emerged as the pioneer institution to break the traditional barrier by being constructively innovative in the educational systems of Malaysia.

SAL Group of Colleges is certainly poised to play a bigger and more significant role in the Malaysia education in the coming years thanks to its strategic links with well-established and prestigious foreign universities like Victoria University of Technology, Edith Cowan University, both from Australia. This international dimension in education are important to produce a generation of students who have an outward-looking perspective and a global vision. This is essential in the quest for high-technological skills and expertise.

The recent approval by the Ministry of Education for the 3+0 degree programmes to be conducted by tertiary institutions locally is a boon for students. The recognition has been given by the Ministry due to their confidence in the performance and in the ability of SAL Group of College’s administrative team.

SAL achieved success when it became the first private higher learning institution to collaborate with University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), a local university, to offer a Diploma in Information Technology. The purpose of this collaboration is to overcome the shortage of IT professionals.

SAL is also the first institution of higher learning in the Southern Region to offer a hospitality programme to local students, as well as those from Singapore and Brunei. It has helped in producing quality and well trained graduates to the industry in the southern region and other Asian countries.

SAL’s various collaborations with foreign universities and institutions from various countries in the world, like the Australia and United Kingdom can be economically tapped and synergised to develop and establish the academic curriculum and infrastructure of any proposed new institution.

The proud achievements, proven management record and expertise of the SAL Group of Colleges and its academic partners from the above universities form a perfect platform to launch such proposed new institution.

Regarding the recruitment of qualified and experienced expatriate teaching staff for the proposed institution, SAL will not have any difficulties as well, as it can exploit its international connections with its academic counterparts in foreign universities and institutions of higher learning.

Over the past twelve years, SAL has already successfully launched and established several academic programmes, including international cooperation with foreign universities and institutions of higher learning. SAL will maximize its marketing strength and strategies to ensure the proposed institution is successfully launched.

Last but not least, SAL’s evolving philosophy over the years will see education in the coming century becoming increasingly more international and is going to be vital in transforming Malaysia into a modern, developed and highly industrialized nation by the year 2020.

SAL has produced more than 6,500 graduates in Information Technology programme since its first intake in 1994, and is producing near to 1,000 graduates yearly ( the largest in Malaysia, by a private College ). Our business school has produced about 2,500 graduates since 1983 and we have trained a few hundred individuals in computer related fields to meet the ever increasing demand of computer competency in the industrial environment.